Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today is a good day! Its not one of those days with tons of exciting things going on. Its a day of goodness found in the small things!
Today, the sun is shining which means that the snow is melting! I might even be able to open up the windows for a bit to let some of that fresh air in. Nothing beats the smell of spring air, not even Febreeze!
Today, I am listening to Pandora radio--My Oldies But Goodies station. It makes me so happy. How can you possibly not be in a great mood after listening to "Do You Love Me?", "Earth Angel", "Barbara Ann" or "My Girl" just to name a few? Its impossible, trust me! The hubs walked in a few minutes ago so I tried to "Mash Potato" with him...he looked at me like I was on something. HA!
Today, I get to sew with these cheery fabrics. I'm making a few dresses for a friend of mine. Her family is going on a cruise in a few weeks and she wants a few of Peony Dresses for the trip! I like to think that at least a part of me will be in the Caribbean in a few weeks! HA!
Today, while I'm sewing, I get to look at this face. He loves chillin' with me while I sew. Oh and he loves cinnamon raisin bagels, too. Notice my new curtains I made in the background? I can't stop staring at them and him. Lov-ah!
Today, I'm eating these, guilt free! I love Whoppers! I think I need to remember to buy the small box, not the super size. I just can't help myself!
What are you doing today? What makes your day good? Whatever it is, enjoy it!!!


  1. I LOVE the print of your curtains!! What fabric is it?

  2. Roxanne-It is Anna Maria Horner's Woodcut in Crimson, velveteen. The texture is to die for. Here is the link:


  3. I would love to see your house sometime! I bet it is GORGEOUS! You are so creative. Fun to catch up with you a little through your blog and hear about what you are up to.