Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our BIG Announcement...

I thought about writing some big ol' post, with all of the details on how it came about but I can't. I'm just too over the top excited so here is the news: THE SCARLET POPPE IS OPENING A STORE IN HAYWARD, WISCONSIN!!!! Yes, you read that right. Now all of you locals (and sweet fans that visit the area) can visit the shop! The shop will have ALL of the fabrics you see online and more. Excited? Wait!...there is more! There used to be a cute 2nd hand clothing store in town called The Pocket. We have bought it from the owners and will add that to The Scarlet Poppe Shop. We will sell ONLY excellent condition, current clothing for womens/juniors, men, kids and babies. So start going through your closets as we are in the market for some cute clothes to add to the shop! There are so many other things I want to share with you but I need to iron out more of the details. I'll post pics of the store as we move in on NOVEMBER 1st!!! WOOO HOOO! I wish you could see me typing this...I'm like a kid that just found out they get to go to Disney...tonight...first class...with Mickey Mouse seated next them. Its ridiculous! So, that is the big announcement. Man, it feels good to finally be able to share. Owning my own fabric shop has been a dream of mine for a super long that I never thought would be a possibility so I never really shared it with too many people. Seriously, God is so good. Winning! Morgan

Friday, June 17, 2011


with the randomness. Apparently, that is the only way my brain knows how to function anymore. So, this summer has been a busy one so far! I'm really enjoying it but some days I wish it would just s..l..o..w down a little. We have been busy with beach days, rainy days, play dates, etc. All on top of the normal day to day, my fabric shop, my husband's biz and extra church events that we are working on. Whew! This weekend is no exception as we have a my twin nieces' birthday party tonight, 3 things planned for tomorrow (not quite sure how we'll be in 3 places at once but we'll see) and then Sunday...ahhh, Sunday. NO PLANS for Father's Day. I asked my husband what he would like to do. He said he would like to go out on the boat with no cell phones, laptops, etc. Just the 5 of us enjoying each other. BLISS!!! I cannot wait! So, here are a few things I have been meaning to blog about... First, Belle had her dance recital. So.Stinkin'.Cute! She was amazing. My heart was bursting with pride! She is a tap dancer at heart and I love it!

Next, we have a few new items in the shop that I feel the need to highlight.

Amy Butler has a few new patterns out right now. I love them both equally so I bought an extra one of each so my mom and I could make a few. Not sure when we'll fit that in but hey, you never know! The Sunday Reversible Sling looks like a perfect bag to have around this summer. It comes in two sizes. Love that!

The Charm Clutch is so cute. I love it because most clutches are small and I don't know how to do small when it comes to a purse/tote/handbag/clutch. So, this is perfect for me.
Next, have you seen Anna Maria Horner's LouLouThi line? I am in love with the colors and the prints. So luscious! This one is one of my faves:
Okay, so I know I've talked about this book a little too much for the little amount that I seem to be blogging lately but I cannot help myself! It has made me think in ways I didn't know I could before. Ann Voskamp is seriously a word genius with a passion so deep, it almost hurts to read. Does that makes sense?
I was reading (way too late) last night and I felt my heart aching while reading about her everyday encounters with God's grace. I've had moments like she's had and have failed to see the gift in the circumstance but she has shown me a new way to view an "ugly" gift. (No, not the gaudy sweater you were given 3 birthdays ago) I mean the "ugly" gift when your kids are fighting AGAIN and you just want to scream and stomp your feet and throw a tantrum. Instead, we can look at this time as a time to get to the bottom of things. I've learned that there is so much underneath some of that "ugly".
Oh, and I hear my two big kids in the background are going to give me an opportunity to try this out again. Thanks guys!!! :) So, I am seriously challenging you to read this book.
And last but not least, because it is so important and I feel so strongely about sharing this...I give you my drink of Summer 2011:
I am so not a McDonald's girl but this is SO good and refreshing! I am addicted. I've had 3 this week. YIKES! Go treat yourself to one...or 3 to make me feel better! Thanks.
Alright, now that I've written my own book and I hear chaos happening downstairs, I best get going. Have a lovely weekend! Morgan

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boho Pattern and a Good Book

Have you seen Pat Bravo's newest pattern? The Boho Dress Pattern on DVD is so fabulous! I had to have it...I love it...And I'm so excited to make one of these cute dresses this weekend. I have a few in stock right now so hurry and order yours today! I've been a bad, bad blogger again. I'm just in a writing funk. I've been doing a lot of reading though. Has anyone read this book? My mom gave it to me last weekend and I'm hooked. A really good read. But now I'm on the hunt for something a bit more light. Something I can read while hanging outside with the kids...? Any suggestions? Last Friday I had one of the best days with my mom and grams. We went on a fabric shop hop. We went to 5 different shops in the area. All of them were fabulous in their own different ways. It was so much fun to sit and talk to some of the shop owners. After all of my kids are in school, I'd love to own a fun fabric shop of my own. But for now, I'm super happy and grateful to have my own little online fabric shop. Oh and to make the trip even sweeter, we hit up Target and Olive Garden. I seriously can't get enough of their spinach and artichoke dip. Yum-o! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! I'm looking forward to a cookout/bonfire, celebrating my Dad's birthday and of course a little sewing. Oh and hopefully some nice weather!!! Morgan

Monday, May 9, 2011

Restocked & New Items

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice Mother's Day. I had the best one I've had...ever! The funny thing is that we didn't do much. No plans. We went to church, planted a few things with the kids and in the garden, ate lunch outside (even got a bit of a sunburn)...that's it. It was blissfully uneventful! And...the kids didn't argue with each other as much...BONUS!

I thought it was necessary to let you all know that I have some items back in stock as they fly out of my shop just as quick as I can list them.

This Zig Zag in Ash/White has been super popular!

Also, two new colors:

Ash/Corn Yellow

Village Green/Natural
And I love this new color combo:
Oh, and thank you to the lovely ladies who left me such sweet comments. I love hearing the little things that you are thankful for! The winner of the book One Thousand Things is...
Congrats Jaime! I think you will LOVE the book! I will email you shortly!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (Giveaway)

First of all...without going into too much detail...I obviously took a little blogging/facebook(for the most part)/social media vacation. Not going to was kind of nice. I had to do it. But I'm back and refreshed. And one reason I feel so refreshed is because of this book:

Have you read One Thousand Gifts yet? Its one of those books that you just have to read. I purchased it quite a while back and just got to reading it around Easter time. It was perfect timing for me to read this as I needed to step back and look at things. This book makes you look at life, love and the gifts that Jesus gives to us daily so differently. And to be thankful for where you are, right now. The grass is not always greener on the other side. All of the gifts around us that we just take for granted...its almost heartbreaking to think of. But, Ann Voskamp makes you happy that you are able realize this and start fresh. She challenges you to slow down and make a list of one thousand gifts (small or big) that you are thankful for. I started my list and its amazing where the list has taken me. From small things like my floors being warm from the spring sun shining down on them to bigger things like a longtime prayer being answered. I'm so thankful for this book and the timing of it in my life.

Okay, so wanna know something exciting! I love this book so much that I am going to give one one of you! Cool, huh?!? All you have to do is leave a comment about something SMALL you are thankful for. Its the little things in life, people! I will choose a winner on Sunday! Please leave your email address along with your comment. YAY!

Now, onto a little business...I just got a few different fabrics in from Michael Miller. They had an amazing little sale going on so I took full advantage. Here are a couple of them that are listed in the shop:

So, check out the shop and enter to win One Thousand Gifts. You'll be happy ya did! Morgan

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Ties...Last Minute Deal

I meant to have this posted yesterday but my internet was down until early this evening. So frustrating! Oh well... Did Easter sneak up on anyone else? Good Gravy! I have many ties that are in stock and ready to be worn on Easter. Here is what I have in stock right now:
(Baby Ties with Velcro)
(Size 1-3)
(Size 4-6)
(Size 7-10)
These are so versatile. Pair it with a button down and khakis or a tshirt, jeans and sneakers. Either way, your little guy (or girl) will be super stylish!
So, here is the DEAL...if you order between now (6:54pm central) and 2:00pm central time tomorrow, I will upgrade the shipping to priority mail so you have the tie(s) in time for Easter! All you need to do is email me at, and let me know which one you would like. I only have 1 of most of these left so quantities are limited! Hoppy Shopping...okay that was cheesy! Whatev!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This N That and Back Order Alert!

BACK ORDER ALERT: So apparently, everyone and their sister loves Joel Dewberry's new Aviary 2 line. I've sold out of quite a few of the prints already! I called yesterday to order more and found out that almost all of them are on back order until JULY! Yes, I said JULY! I am so bummed! So, my advice is order what you can now unless you are a patient person and can wait almost 2 1/2 months! Have you read Heaven is for Real yet?
I finished reading it last week and it was outstanding! This little boy's story about his trip to heaven and back is amazing. If you haven't read it yet, go to your book store, or borrow it from someone you know as it is a must read! I finished it in no time!
Next, I need your help. Our family is going to a cookout this weekend and I don't know what to bring! As I've said before, I'm really not a good cook and don't like to spend time in the kitchen. So, if anyone has a good and easy recipe for a salad or a dessert they would like to share, I'd love to hear them.
Last, tomorrow I head into school to sign up my son Logan for kindergarten. What!!?!? I asked him if he is ready and he told me "um, no, I'll just stay home and play with my 4wheeler and box cars. I'm smart already". Lord have mercy. Is it bad that I want that, too??? Wish us luck tomorrow.
Okay, go order your fabric, shoot me out a recipe, purchase Heaven is for Real and pray for us tomorrow. That's all! (I just said that like Meryl Streep says in The Devil Wears Prada) HA!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Curtains

Its Tuesday, which is sort of a crazy day at our place. Belle has tap, I have a meeting and then, I get to finally use my gift certificate for a facial my husband bought me a while back. I'm super excited to just relax for an hour or so. So, I best be getting some things done in my fabric shop and some laundry done as well. So, here is the pic of my new chevron curtains. I love them. We have cream colored walls in this room with one espresso wall by the fireplace. Our accents are blue and a muted chartreuse color. I love that this room is soft and relaxing. Just in case you were wondering, this fabric sews up like a dream! I whipped these up in no time! You can get yours right now at The Scarlet Poppe fabric shop!!! Alright, for reals....I gotta get going but really wanted to show you my little project from the weekend. Enjoy the day. Morgan

Monday, April 11, 2011

8 Is Great!

Yesterday, my Belle turned 8! Again, I did some blinking, and she went from little girl to a big girl...just a short time from double digits as she tells me! Yikes! I seriously need to quit blinking! 8 Great things you should know about my Belle:
1. She is so artistic! This girl can draw and create things that most adults couldn't do! She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Have I mentioned this before? Probably as it makes me super giddy!
2. She loves to dance. She is currently in tap but is thinking of switching back to ballet. Either way, I absolutely love watching her twirl around in our kitchen while I'm blogging or making dinner.
3. She still plays with dolls, barbies etc. To some of you, this may sound normal but in our town, its considered "babyish" to do this at 8. She plain old loves it. She loves playing "momma" to her dolls but most of all to her baby brother, Phin.
4. She loves her brothers. Okay, right now, her and Logan go round and round but if he isn't home...she misses him. That's a good sign, right? But Phin...she can't get enough of him. I love watching her play with him. 5. She loves food, healthy food. Apples with peanut butter is her current snack of choice. Okay, kinda have to I'm typing this, she is finishing up a bag of skittles. I said she loves healthy food but the girl has a sweet tooth like no other! HA!
6. She loves to read! Right now, on her night stand would be her Bible with the bookmark in Mark. Also, Pinkalicious. Pretty sure she knows that one by heart! This year, she really started to read longer books...the kind without pics on every page. I hope she continues loving to read.
7. She'd choose to wear a big church dress over anything else, of her life. Hope she never loses that girliness. 8. She is hilarious. And she talks A LOT! No idea where she gets this from. ;) (this pic was taken about 8 months ago)

Happy birthday to my beautiful Belle! You get sweeter and sweeter every day! Love you! Morgan

P.S. I'll back back tomorrow with pics of my living room curtains I whipped up over the weekend. Can you guess which fabric I chose?

Monday, April 4, 2011


The Scarlet Poppe shop has so many new items in. I'll get right to business! Joel Dewberry's new line, Aviary 2, is so nice! I love the color combos! Here are a few:
Also a few more Premier Prints:
Lots more in shop! Click here to visit The Scarlet Poppe fabric shop!
Side Note: My Belle was honored this weekend as a Top 10 Winner for PBS Kids Writing Contest. There were over 5000 applicants so to be in the Top 10 for her grade was a huge accomplishment. We are so proud of this girl!
Here she is afterwards in Target...on a crazy busy Sunday...just hoola-hoopin' away! She's shy, people! HA!
Have a great Monday and please stop by the shop, you'll be happy ya did! Morgan

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chevron Finds

Zig Zags, Chevron Print...whatever you call it, I dig it! Here are this Friday's Etsy Finds:

Clutch by ao3designs

What's that? You are full of ideas but you just need some fabulous chevron print fabric? I got you covered! The UPS man is out for delivery TODAY with new colors! Here is my favorite that is coming in:
Check out The Scarlet Poppe to get yours now. Have a great weekend! Make something! Morgan

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today is a good day! Its not one of those days with tons of exciting things going on. Its a day of goodness found in the small things!
Today, the sun is shining which means that the snow is melting! I might even be able to open up the windows for a bit to let some of that fresh air in. Nothing beats the smell of spring air, not even Febreeze!
Today, I am listening to Pandora radio--My Oldies But Goodies station. It makes me so happy. How can you possibly not be in a great mood after listening to "Do You Love Me?", "Earth Angel", "Barbara Ann" or "My Girl" just to name a few? Its impossible, trust me! The hubs walked in a few minutes ago so I tried to "Mash Potato" with him...he looked at me like I was on something. HA!
Today, I get to sew with these cheery fabrics. I'm making a few dresses for a friend of mine. Her family is going on a cruise in a few weeks and she wants a few of Peony Dresses for the trip! I like to think that at least a part of me will be in the Caribbean in a few weeks! HA!
Today, while I'm sewing, I get to look at this face. He loves chillin' with me while I sew. Oh and he loves cinnamon raisin bagels, too. Notice my new curtains I made in the background? I can't stop staring at them and him. Lov-ah!
Today, I'm eating these, guilt free! I love Whoppers! I think I need to remember to buy the small box, not the super size. I just can't help myself!
What are you doing today? What makes your day good? Whatever it is, enjoy it!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


As promised, today's Etsy find are super yummy! There are so many creative confectioners out there on Etsy. How fun would it be to send one of these to someone who needs a little sweetness in their lives?
Key Lime Fudge by jewelofthelion
Okay, wipe the drool up off of your keyboards and check out these delicious shops!
My husband is playing in a hockey tournament this weekend so we'll be up at the rink! I haven't seen him play since he was in high school! Should be fun. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!