Friday, March 18, 2011

The Blues

I've got the blues. Well, not really but yesterday the day started out so nice and then it went sorta gloomy. To be honest, this type of weather really doesn't get me down. I don't mind me a little light mist with cloudy skies. Not bad. It makes me get more done around the house. Plus, I know better than to think that all of us that live in northern Wisconsin are in the clear of another snowstorm. So, I accept the blue, gray and gloomy weather. And then I'm pleasantly surprised when the sun shines and it hits 60 degrees! So, here is my Etsy Seller Tribute to the blue, gray and gloom...they sure do make it look good!!!
Earrings by tippystockton
What is it like where you are at today? I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day. This weekend we are going to our first cookout of the year. YAY! Let's hope the weather cooperates!Happy Weekend!!!

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