Tuesday, March 8, 2011


More fabric just in by popular demand. I am loving Michael Miller's Delovely Damask print. In every color. I just got a few different colors in that I'm so excited about. Here is peppermint:
And Ebony:Also, Send in the Crowns fabric is so fun! Here it is in Ebony:Check out the shop for more colors of each of the prints above.
On a side note, a while back I posted about Poster Revolution having FREE posters. Well, mine came in quite some time ago. I politely asked my husband to build me a nice, simple frame for the print. I waited ever so patiently (not one of my best qualities). And my patience paid off. I came home from grocery shopping on Saturday to find this hanging up in the hallway that goes towards our bedroom:I'm so in love with it! I find it fitting since I am a redhead and the husband has dark hair. I just LOVE this print and LOVE that its by our bedroom. I call it "our wing" but really, its just two rooms down on the side of the house! HA!
Its 40 degrees here today (HEAT WAVE) but we are supposed to get 3-4" of snow tomorrow. What!?!? Oh the joys of living in Wisconsin! Have a great Tuesday.

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  1. I love the tie outfit. I am just loving ties lately. I am going to have to copy this one!