Thursday, February 3, 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

January 17th? Really? That is when I last posted? Shame on me! Well, I do have a few excuses! Excuse No 1: My baby Phin and were not feeling well for about a week. Not fun but lots of cuddling. On top of that, Phin is teething...see? He is biting on everything. Even his own fingers! OUCH! Excuse No 2: My husband now works from home. Translation: I'm constantly running to help him, find something for him, flirt with him (ha), etc. Love having him here but he is such a yummy distraction! :) Okay, I won't go through all of my excuses but I've been super busy. Oh and remember when I told you that I made Belle an Izzy & Ivy Addie Jo skirt? Well, I finally took a picture. I was waiting for a sunny day so that I could use up some natural light....yep, still waiting! UGH! So, the pics aren't the best but her super cuteness should make up for it! I used Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Adornit's Vintage Polka Dot fabrics. LOVE it. She loves it too which is the best part! Here are the gloomy pics (gotta love editing software to brighten things up): I'm not a huge pattern girl but I LOVAH this skirt. Lots of variations...Easy-peasy! Here is a pic of Belle yesterday after school wearin' a Peony top. Love this fabric, had to share! And finally, since I posted two of my children, what would a post be without a pic of the third? Here is my Logan: This quick snapshot captures him to a t! If I just look at him funny, he laughs....the cutest little man laugh ever! Today, at preschool is mommy day, which means I get to go eat lunch with him and do something fun. Can't wait to soak up some one on one time with him!
Have a fabulous day!
P.S. I did have time to watch the SAG red carpet. Here are my pics: LOVE Mia Kunis in the glorious red strapless gown and Julia Stiles in that goddess dress. BUT...cannot understand why Amy Adams wore that white bandage. Its way too small and does nothing for her cute little frame. Disappointed! K...bye!

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