Monday, January 17, 2011

GOLDEN Weekend

This weekend, I was busy finishing up a few projects that have been in my "need to finish" pile for quite some time. I finished a skirt for Belle. I used Izzy & Ivy's Addie Jo Skirt Pattern. SO EASY! She wore it to church yesterday but managed to get it off so she could go sledding before I could snap a pic! So, when she gets home this afternoon, I'll throw it on her so I can show ya. I also finished up an apron I've been working on. Love it and all its vintagey, anthropologie-ness! Pics of that coming soon as well!
While it felt good to be busy, it felt even better to kick back and watch The Golden Globes...Red Carpet! I love all of the gowns, jewels and shoes! So quickly, here are my faves and winner...
Second Runner up for me was Natalie Portman (her little baby bump is so cute)
First Runner up for me was Donna Agron from Glee (Love the color, the bib necklace and her dark nails)
But my winner is Kyra Sedgwick! I love the bold mustard color with the gold and turquoise jewelry and underplayed hair. I thought she stood out in a sea of nudes, reds and greens.
Who was your Red Carpet Winner? Oh and has anyone seen Black Swan yet? I wanna see it! Have a golden Monday!

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  1. I second your Red Carpet Winner! Love her in that dress fave color!