Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts in Bullet Form...

  • Husband left for a business meeting at 3:30 this morning. Left me a little note! Love starting my day off like that.
  • Superbowl this weekend. Its a big deal here in Wisconsin as the Green Bay Packers are playing. I told my husband I'm more excited that Glee is finally back on Sunday night than I am for the Superbowl. He looked at me with pure disgust! Ooops. GO PACK GO!
  • Its bone chilling cold here in Wisconsin. I have seriously been asking myself why on earth I live here year round. I'm still waiting for an answer! To make matters worse, my parents called from Hawaii the other night. I wanted to smack someone when I heard the ocean in the background. Miss you mom!
  • Yesterday was Mom's day at Logan's preschool. He had to share on a note why he loved me...he said "cuz she hugs me lots". Melt!
  • Forgot to mention that last weekend I made a quick stop at Old Navy and picked up these two peacoats. Both came to UNDER $20! I NEEDED them!
  • Phin (my baaabyyy) can say "baby" now when he points to his favorite "baby" monkey. Is it bad that I want to tell him "no, no"??? Its just another sign that he is growing up and I'm not a fan of it!
  • The husband and I are planning a getaway for our 10th anniversary. He votes for Alaska (what?!?!? see 3rd bullet regarding the cold) and I vote for any place that I can wake up around noon, sit on a beach with pina colada in hand and a good book. He wasn't too excited about that. Now to find a compromise. Good thing we have til October to figure it out.
  • Belle's birthday is in April. We have been talking about taking her to a Taylor Swift concert. I think it would be fun but I'm not sure if she is ready for that. She will be 8. I went to my first concert (New Kids on the Block and Tiffany) when I was 8. SO FUN! Has anyone seen Taylor in concert? Reviews?

Okay, that was fun. I might do this bullet thing again. Have a lovely Superbowl/Glee weekend!



  1. Love the peacoats! I may have to stop by Old Navy this weekend...
    Can't believe you two have been married 10 years! That blows my mind. And I hear ya about the Superbowl..I'm more excited to do some crafting that I have planned over watching the game. Go Pack! lol

  2. haven't seen taylor myself but my husband took my then 13 yr old for her bday-both loved it-my husband said she puts on a great show-very entertaining with sets changing, etc

  3. Love the peacoats! I need to check out ON more often.