Monday, April 11, 2011

8 Is Great!

Yesterday, my Belle turned 8! Again, I did some blinking, and she went from little girl to a big girl...just a short time from double digits as she tells me! Yikes! I seriously need to quit blinking! 8 Great things you should know about my Belle:
1. She is so artistic! This girl can draw and create things that most adults couldn't do! She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Have I mentioned this before? Probably as it makes me super giddy!
2. She loves to dance. She is currently in tap but is thinking of switching back to ballet. Either way, I absolutely love watching her twirl around in our kitchen while I'm blogging or making dinner.
3. She still plays with dolls, barbies etc. To some of you, this may sound normal but in our town, its considered "babyish" to do this at 8. She plain old loves it. She loves playing "momma" to her dolls but most of all to her baby brother, Phin.
4. She loves her brothers. Okay, right now, her and Logan go round and round but if he isn't home...she misses him. That's a good sign, right? But Phin...she can't get enough of him. I love watching her play with him. 5. She loves food, healthy food. Apples with peanut butter is her current snack of choice. Okay, kinda have to I'm typing this, she is finishing up a bag of skittles. I said she loves healthy food but the girl has a sweet tooth like no other! HA!
6. She loves to read! Right now, on her night stand would be her Bible with the bookmark in Mark. Also, Pinkalicious. Pretty sure she knows that one by heart! This year, she really started to read longer books...the kind without pics on every page. I hope she continues loving to read.
7. She'd choose to wear a big church dress over anything else, of her life. Hope she never loses that girliness. 8. She is hilarious. And she talks A LOT! No idea where she gets this from. ;) (this pic was taken about 8 months ago)

Happy birthday to my beautiful Belle! You get sweeter and sweeter every day! Love you! Morgan

P.S. I'll back back tomorrow with pics of my living room curtains I whipped up over the weekend. Can you guess which fabric I chose?

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