Friday, December 3, 2010


Teresa from It's A Good Day has a fun post on her blog today. She put a great shopping list together and guess what!??! She chose a Scarlet Poppe Boutique item to feature! YAY! So head on over there to see her list...I would like one of each please! Thanks! And take advantage of a few discounts and sign up for her giveaway! Have a lovely weekend. What are your plans? Tonight the hubs and I are going out to dinner with some dear friends of ours. Tomorrow our local theater is having a free pass day so we will be seeing Snow Buddies. Then I thought about putting up our Christmas tree. I'm apprehensive since I have a one year old who likes to dig, climb and destroy pretty much anything so I'm thinking the ornaments don't stand a chance! Should be a fun weekend!!! Morgan P.S Don't forget that The Scarlet Poppe fabric shop is having a huge sale right now. Fabulous fabric for making lots of fun Christmas gifts! See post below!

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