Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Reading...

I try to have a good book going all through the year but there is just something about a good book in the summer! Not sure what it is...maybe its just the peace of sitting out on a blanket with the kids running around and a novel in hand and of course a big ol' glass of lemonade. I just ordered a few books but I'm not sure about them. I just can't find a good book that I can get into. In the back of my mind I know its because I was engulfed in the Twilight Saga. Now, nothing compares (I know, pathetic). This summer, it is my mission to find a book that I love just as much. So, here are the two books I just ordered. First, Eat Pray Love (who doesn't love Julia Roberts?)Second, Water For Elephants (FYI: Edward, I mean Robert Pattinson will be in the movie based on this book!)
Have you read them? Are they worth the buzz? What are you reading this summer? I need more...two will only last me a small while. Morgan


  1. I read 'Eat Pray Love' and really liked it...it was written very honestly and definitely makes you think. btw...I have a TRILLION books if you ever want to borrow any :) Haven't read 'Water for Elephants' but seeing some of the pictures of Reese/Rob filming makes me want to buy it!

  2. I have heard they are both amazing - Eat, Pray, Love is actually on my list to read next.

  3. HI MORGAN! I actually purchased Eat, Pray, Love as an audiobook on my iphone (sadly, I am not a fan of reading, I think it is because I'm a slow reader and I cant sit still). It makes for a good distraction while biking or walking). I love that the book is funny and insightful. Definitely looking forward to the movie!