Thursday, July 15, 2010

Total Randomness

Couple of random thoughts today:

First, I just purchased this top on sale from Target. I tried it on, thought it was a cute, light weight summer top. Got it home, washed it, put it on today...and I loathe it. Seriously cannot stand it. Its a pretty print but makes me look frumpy! Now, I only paid about $10 for it but still think its going to be making a quick exit from my closet. Unless I can figure out a way to revamp my spare time...ya right! Anyway, hate it when that happens!

Second: I am loving some of the newer country bands right now: Perry, Steel Magnolia, etc. They have fun songs for summertime! But right now, I can't get enough of White Church by Little Big Town. The video is so cute and sassy and I LOVE the "wedding dress" she wears in it...with the boots! LOVE! Check out the video below (don't forget to turn off my music at the bottom of the page).

Oh, and someone once asked me why my music is sooooo slow and mellow on my blog. Here is my answer: I put my blog on while I'm sewing so it needs to be a bit slow and mellow so I can concentrate. I'm like that. Don't worry...I bust out the good loud stuff while I clean or dance around with the kiddos!

And finally....did anyone else's husband make them watch The Espy's last night? Mine did. I shouldn't say he made me...there was a foot rub involved so it was ok. I have to admit...they were pretty good (The Espy's AND the foot rub). Seth Meyers hosted and he is down right hilarious! Plus, there were a few Dancing with the Stars cast members there which always helps.

Okay, enough of my randomness. Happy Thursday all!


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