Monday, September 20, 2010

Retail Therapy and a Mini Giveaway!

I'm sick today. So is my little Phin. I hate when my babies get sick. Especially when they are so little and can't tell you what hurts or how to help. So, as Phin is sleeping, I'm sitting in front of my fireplace, laptop on my lap, wool socks and favorite old cardi on, doing a little retail therapy. Isn't that what every girl does to make herself feel better? I've been wanting a pair of great boots. Not just any pair. I have winter-y boots. I have stilettos. I have cowboy boots. But I have yet to find a good pair of wear-everywhere-cuz-they-make-you-feel-good-boots. Well, I think I found them! At Target! Which means I didn't have to break the bank! I am IN LOVE. Here they are: Aren't they pretty? Right now, Target is offering a lovely deal on shoes/boots! BOGO! Buy one get one 1/2 off. And free shipping for orders over $50. Booyah! So, had to get these lovelies for my Belle.
She is a total "boot girl"! Love that about her.
So, now that I made myself feel a tiny bit better...its your turn. I'm giving away a pleated fabric flower from my shop. You get to choose whichever you would like if you win.
Three ways to enter:
1. Visit my boutique and tell me which item is your favorite of all and why!
2. Tell me what you do to make your self feel a bit better when you aren't feeling well.
3. Blog, Facebook, Tweet about it and don't forget to come back and give me the link!
I'll announce the winner Thursday night!
Wow...I feel even better!


  1. I love all your hair accessories! It's hard to choose favorites! I really like the cherry dot headband! I love the way it turned out and how the red and white look together. I think I used that same fabric in a quilt I made too!

  2. When I don't feel good, I take a nice, long, warm bubble bath, then curl up in bed with something good (chocolate ice cream and milk, oreos and milk, hot chocolate, just something I really want). Cut on the TV or a movie and just relax. Taking a nap helps me feel better too.

  3. Great idea! I will be back with my favorite and a link to what I do to make myself feel better in a flash. :-)

  4. My favorite item of all in your shop is the Poppy Top in Fresh Poppies. I love blues and greens and the bow on the shoulder it is so fun! The design of the top itself is beautifully simple.

    I've had chronic back and leg pain for 2-1/2 years and I listen to music when I'm having a hard time. I wrote a blog about it here:

    Thanks for the idea on this. I've been having a particularly bad back day and I am smiling now! :-)

  5. Although I am in love with all of the pleated flowers the Orangey Porangey is my personal favorite. I love it most because of the bright vibrant colors and could totally see either myself or my daughter wearing this one! Nice line Morgan loving the colors. Hope you both feel better soon:)

  6. When I'm not feeling well, I love to be inspired by everyone's cute styles and crafts out in the blogosphere. . .then I relax and watch Project Runway and have some chocolate!
    Thanks so much for this fun giveaway!

  7. oooooh, i like the monarch earth pin best!

    when i'm not feeling well i curl up on the couch with my favorite blanket and turn on lucy (i love lucy)! lucy is comfort food.

    and thanks for the tip on the boots! i'm going to go check out that deal!

  8. I like the Belle Chrysanthemum Mustard shirt because the color is great and that shirt would look nice under a cardigan too.

  9. That "Poppy Top" is too cute! Thanks for the into to your shop,
    and thank you for the giveaway!

  10. When I'm not feeling so great, I put on my comfy yoga pants, a warm tee or sweatshirt, and make myself some chicken noodle soup. An old remedy, but a good one!