Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been MIA for way too long. I've had a bit of a crazy November so far. But...I'm back. Sorry about that. Today, I am celebrating. My baby boy, Phinehas turns one!!!! I cannot believe it. Again, I think every mother wonders where the time goes when their babies grow so fast, but I truly mean it with every fiber I have...I don't know where this last year went! The pic below was taken of Phin and I about 20 minutes after he was born. I feel like it was yesterday! This little monkey has truly grabbed a hold of my heart...tightly...and hasn't let go! His smile melts me. His flirtiness (is that even a word) cracks me up, and his sweetness almost hurts. He's a digger, a walker, a laugher, a loud talker, has a hint of red hair (THANK YOU, LORD) and has a way of making any gloomy day, bright! Happy birthday, my baby boy. Love you so much! God Speed, Little Man! Will be back to show my newest design tomorrow! I am so in love with it, I have to make one for myself! Please stop back tomorrow to check it out! Morgan

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  1. Congratulations on your sweet boys first birthday! What a little treasure. Enjoy each precious day together, because they grow up so quickly before your eyes. (How sweet is that touch of "red"! I'm convinced it makes them the cutest kids around :) My godson and nephew are both the sweetest little boys and they also little red-heads. So gorgeous!).