Friday, May 14, 2010

Del HI!!

So one of my favorite people, the UPS man, came today with a few boxes. Inside were the Valori Wells Del Hi bolts of fabric I ordered! I know they aren't brand new to the world but they are to my little shop! I've seen them before and fell in love. The colors are so rich. They remind me of late summer afternoons turning into evening. They aren't the typical bright cheery summer colors. Don't get me wrong, I love these too but its nice to see something that is a bit more mellow. Here is a sneak peek of the fun fabric, Del Hi. Oh, and I got one home dec in...Pom Pom in Sun. Did I mention...I AM IN LOVE!?!?! Its gorgeous and makes me happy just looking at it. See below!
Just makes me wish summer would hurry up and hit Wisconsin! I've heard it might reach 70 degrees this weekend! HEAT WAVE! Have a lovely weekend! Morgan

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